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Your Personal Vision Assistant.

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The Basics

AI4Sight is an iOS app that harnesses the power of cutting-edge machine learning technology to revolutionize the lives of the blind and the way people approach blindness. The goal of the app is to allow users to recognize and safely navigate their surroundings. 


To check out more specific features, click on the "Features" button below.

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We Are Here to Help!

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What's coming in the next update?

Our July 8 2020 update includes a brand new voice-activated user interface, and color detection functionalities embedded within image classification.


Currently, we are working on developing a Custom Money Classifier. This feature will identify your bills and coins to facilitate smoother transactions. Keep an eye on that in an update coming soon!

What features does AI4Sight have?

AI4Sight has the following features:

1. Image Classification

2. Local Optometrists Locator

3. Eye Health Information

4. Barcode Scanner

5. Live Weather Data

6. Current Date and Time

7. Community Forum

8. Face Detector

To stay up to date on AI4Sight features, as well as get exclusive app development and AI tips + tricks, follow @ai4sight on Instagram (linked below). 

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Also, to view the project source code, feel free to visit my Github.

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How can we improve AI4Sight?

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