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Feature #1: Image Classification

Simply take a picture from your phone or upload a picture from your camera roll and the app produces several classifications. With over 10,000 potential labels and the most advanced ML algorithms out there, the classifications are extremely accurate!

Feature #2: Text Recognition

Take a picture from your phone or upload a picture from your camera roll and the app will transcribe both typed and handwritten text from your image in 30 different languages! We have implemented the latest text recognition and language detection algorithms to ensure to best user experience for you!


(Note: As of right now, unfortunately, this feature is only effective when all the text in an image is in the same language)


Feature #3: Face Detection

Using a picture taken from your phone or uploaded from your camera roll, AI4Sight has integrated the newest facial detection software. The allows the app to not only detect faces, but also identify whether or not someone's eyes are open and whether or not they are smiling!

Feature #4: Live Weather Data

Based on your current location, the app fetches the current temperature in your city, as well as the current weather condition. Additionally, it generates personalized advice for you based on the current weather condition, as shown in the screenshot to the right.


Feature #5: Barcode Scanner

Never hassle with barcodes or QR codes again! All you have to do is upload or take a picture of a barcode or QR code, and the barcode scanner feature will read it aloud for you! This feature supports phone numbers (interactive, so you can click to call), websites (live links so you can click to visit the site), and more.

Feature #6: Eye Health Information

This section provides an abundance of eye health information to keep you safe and healthy! One section debunks common myths related to degrading eyesight and another section with nutrition tips to ensure that you are eating all the right foods to fuel your eyes!


Feature #7: Current Date and Time

Using your current location and time zone, AI4Sight identifies the current day, month, and year. The app also fetches the current time in your city accurate to the second, and it reads all that information aloud.

Feature #8: Community Forum

The "Community Forum" button on AI4Sight links you to the forum on this very website. We created this with the hope that it would be a safe space for our users to voice their questions, comments, and concerns regarding eye health, as well as help out others in the community!
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